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History of West Chester

Formerly named Turk's Head—a name it shared with the historic inn at the center of the borough—westchesterhome.jpgWest Chester was formed following the subdivision of Goshen Township in 1788. Connection of the borough with the West Chester Railroad in 1832 created an economic foundation for the borough in addition to acting as a cornerstone for its transportation needs. Thomas U. Walter, one of the architects of the nation's capitol in Washington, D.C., got to work designing West Chester's current courthouse in the 1840s. Significant economic development occurred in the following years with the introduction of the borough's first gas light company and its first telegraph connection in the 1850s, as well as the opening of the First National Bank of West Chester in the 1860s. Additionally, the borough became a center of clockmaking. In the 1900s, a further expansion of business activity formed the backdrop to a doubling of the borough's population, and today the area is renowned for its historic buildings and attractions, status as the headquarters of several companies, and a transportation hub. West Chester homebuyers interested in West Chester PA real estate or West Chester PA homes have the opportunity to become a part of this borough’s rich history. Those wishing to find out more about the history of West Chester may visit the Chester County Historical Society or the history section of West Chester’s Wikipedia article.

West Chester parks and recreation

West Chester is home to seven beautiful parks, with Hoopes Park in the northwestern quadrant, Fugett Park and Marshall Square Park in the northeastern quadrant, Rustin Park, Greenfield Park, and John D. Green Memorial Park in the southeastern quadrant, and Everhart Park in the southwestern quadrant. The borough’s parks and recreation department can be contacted via email at parksandrecreation@west-chester.com, by phone at 610-436-9010, or by fax at 610-436-0009. The department’s website can be located by clicking here.

West Chester home buyers are more than welcome to experience these parks for themselves. If you can’t get enough of these recreational areas, speak to a real estate agent about West Chester homes for sale.

West Chester attractions and activities

The National Register of Historic Places added the West Chester Downtown Historic District to its list in 1985. Other listed West Chester properties include the original Chester County Courthouse (phone: 610-344-6000); the Bank of Chester County, which is West Chester’s first bank (phone: 484-881-4250); the First Presbyterian Church of West Chester, which was also designed by capitol architect Thomas U. Walter (phone: 610-696-0554; email: office@firstpreswc.com; fax: 610-696-7226); and the West Chester State College Quadrangle Historic District, which is on the property of the present day West Chester University of Pennsylvania (phone: 610-436-1000; website: https://www.wcupa.edu). Historic West Chester real estate is abundant in this area.

To find out how you might be able to purchase one of these historic homes or a property near a historic site, please contact a West Chester real estate agent for more information regarding real estate in West Chester.

West Chester events

Catch one of the many events happening at West Chester University, including next year’s tribute tocouplegettingkeys.jpg African American artist and activist Paul Robeson on January 31, and the Planetarium Show on February 7 and March 7. The groundbreaking musical group Black Violin will also making an appearance on February 15. For more information about this and other events, see above for contact information for WCU or visit the West Chester Business Improvement District’s website by clicking here. The West Chester B.I.D. can also be reached by phone at 610-738-3350, by fax at 484-843-2250, and by email at mjohnstone@wcbid.com.

West Chester’s recreation department will be offering exciting art classes this December as well as bus trips. The department also hosts volleyball games. See “Westchester parks and recreation” above for contact information for this department.

If you’d like to these fantastic events to be part of your life, consider looking into homes for sale in West Chester. West Chester homes will give you access to a terrific quality of life, rich culture and appealing investment opportunities.
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